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About this Fitness Business Card

Having your own business card should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. They must be well designed and they must leave a good impression about you. If you want a possible client to call you, your card must be memorable so that it won’t be just a card in the stack. They must also be functional and effective in allowing for easy client follow-up and continued business.

On the front, we suggest you place your "Signature Photo". Select a good photo of yourself wearing your training "uniform" and perhaps surrounded by gym equipment. Beneath the Signature Photo, place your name and title against our unique metallic background.

On the back, your name and business are highlighted, and contact information is provided at the bottom along with the increasingly important social media references all against our metallic background. Additionally, this particular card is ready made to allow for follow-up business. There is a "Next Appointment" section to allow for you or the client to write time the date and time. Unique to our Personal Trainer/Coach we have a line for a "Personal Tag or Motto". Many trainers have a motto that they encourage their clients to live by.

Tips for these business cards:
1. Keep your cards visible an make sure every client sees you have a card.
2. Give your client a couple of extras to pass along to friends.
3. Remember to smile in your Signature Photo. You don&#;t have to appear tough or unapproachable.
4. Keep your card designs clean, simple, and modern to appeal to all tastes.
5. Write the next appointment information on the card but as a reminder and as a keepsake to cement the business contact.

Good luck and enjoy your cards!

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